My problem

Today I deployed a publishing page through a Sandbox solution

I created an Elements File in the Module that looked like this:

<Module Name=”Pages” >

<File Path=”Pages\Tasks.aspx” Url=”Pages/Tasks.aspx” >

Then I changed the solution into a farm solution and the page (tasks.aspx) would not appear in my pages library.

When I checked with SharePoint designer the page was there but it wasn’t there when I looked through the browser.

Your Solution

Then I changed the above to:

<Module Name=”Pages” List=”101″ Url=”Pages”>

<File Path=”Pages\Tasks.aspx” Url=”Tasks.aspx” Level=”Published” Type=”GhostableInLibrary” >

And now my page appear properly in the pages library.

I’m not sure why this is different for Sandbox and Farm solutions, but it is one to remember for next time.