The PowerShell command Get-Credential is used to collect user credentials.


When I try to connect to Office 365 I’m suing this dialog to collect the login details of a user. I find it however very annoying that I have to keep supplying the user’s name and password. Ok, password is fine but the username is annoying especially with the long Office 365 logins ( …

When I looked at the options for Get-Credential I noticed -Username. This is a great option as I can now do something like:

Get-Credential -UserName ""

But no, still an empty login window.


Then I tried the -Message option. Why would this possibly be relevant???

Get-Credential -Message "Supply password" -UserName ""


The username is now set and I can type in my password. Well that saves be some time during the development of my PowerShell scripts.

Now a little check around the code and I only need to sign in once:

if ( $cred -ne $null)
  $cred = Get-Credential -Message "Supply password" -UserName ""
  Connect-SPOnline -Url "https:/ /" -Credentials $cred