#WordPress for windows app on my way to Glasgow

While I am waiting at Luton airport to catch a flight to my SharePoint customer in Glasgow it is finally time to test the WordPress app on my windows phone. I have used the stats in the app before but writing a whole blog article on my phone… Which idiot would ever do that! Well here is my first attempt.

Things are starting well. I got an hour delay on my flight. Why did i get up at 5am?

so back to the WordPress app. So far it is working well however as I am writing about technical things rather than just any bla. I am missing options to easily add screenshots. Adding images from my phone or images previously uploaded to WordPress is all easy.

So far all seems to be working ok. The only thing I haven’t found in the editor yet is the option to create h1, h2 and h3 tags in my html. Unless of course I switch over to the html editor but the visual editor is already painful enough.

Another feature that seems to be missing is the option to edit the tweet that is sent on publishing the article.

Finally for ever first word of the sentence I am having to force the word to start with a capital. Auto correct should fix this for me like all other apps do.

Anyway I got my first blog article done on the app. So at least it is possible.


via WordPress for Windows app.


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