Start a Project Online trial with Office 365

Ok so I’ve got an Office 365 tenant available nd I want to get a trial of Project Online up and running.

First I went to

After clicking on try there is a prompt explaining that I already have a tenant and should project online be added to this tenant. A quick click on yes and all is done!?

Where is Project Online? So I tried again through the above link. and now I’m getting:

Sorry, you can’t add that to your current account

In my office 365 admin center I had to assign a license first.

In Users -> Active Users -> Assigned license -> Edit

Assign a Project Online license to Office 365 users

Assign a Project Online license to Office 365 users

Then I select one of my users to have Project Pro for Office 365.

Assign license dialog

Assign License dialog


Ok, now the wait begins….




All my apps before the activation

All my apps before the activation

And I had to wait for a bit longer

While I’m waiting I’m installing MS Project 2013, through the Admin Center -> Download software.

Installing the MS Project client

Installing the MS Project client


Once my MS Project client has been installed I had to wait a bit longer and I noticed that a Planner tile appeared. This is new.

Planner has arrived

Planner has arrived

Ok, I click on Planner and I’m getting to the Planner interface:

Creating a plan

Creating a plan

Now back to MS project. I created a new project in MS project. When I saved this project a project site is created in SharePoint. The last time I looked at Project Server 2013 all configuration work was still really painful and separate form SharePoint.

Even resources are now managed not within a Project Server equivalent anymore. TFS is finally there to manage my resources on my projects. Well this must help the stability of the resource management solution. Anyway this article is only about setting up the trial not about the actual new features on Project Online.










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