Office 365 – New in features in Office 365 in week 6 2016

This week the following features are new in Office 365

9 February 2016

Office 365 Deferred Channel for Office 2016

The February release of the Office 365 Deferred Channel for Office 2016 (previously known as Current Branch for Business) is now available. The Admin Center is now updated to give you the ability to choose the update channel for new installations from the user’s Home Page and Software Download Page.

Do the following to confirm the correct update channel for licensed users:
1. Sign into the Admin Center at
2. Click on “Service Settings”
3. Click “User software” to adjust the version and branch default settings and options.


12 February 2016

  • Office 365 Groups: files quota management is a new Office 365 feature.
  • Office 365 Groups: dynamic membership is a new Office 365 feature.

files quota management

Today, Office 365 Groups files consume from your organization’s SharePoint shared storage quota; team sites and groups share the same available capacity. You now have the ability to set quotas on groups’ underlying sites to help manage the consumption of shared storage by Office 365 Groups’ files.

Dynamic membership

Administrators can now create groups with rule-based memberships using the Azure Management Portal. Group membership is updated within a minute as users’ properties change. This allows easy management for larger groups, or the creation of groups that always reflect the organization’s structure.




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