Office 365 – New in features in Office 365 in week 7 2016

This week the following features are new in Office 365

16 February 2016

People profile experience in Office 365

Microsoft has updated the Office 365 profile experience. You’ll start to see this change this week for first release tenants, and over the coming weeks for all other users.

The updated profile experience brings together the profile and activity pages within Delve and makes it easier for you to discover relevant content, connect with your colleagues, and find experts inside your organization.



For more information see:

19 February 2016

New Feature: Common Attachment Types Filtering

Common Attachment Types Filter is a new Exchange Online Protection feature. This feature will start rolling out today and should be completed over the coming weeks.

There is a new feature that provides an easy-to-setup method of filtering out unwanted and potentially malicious attachments by their file types. This feature only requires one click to turn on, and can easily be configured from a list of the file types commonly found to be dangerous. This will also help in consolidating attachment filtering within a malware policy rather than through multiple Exchange transport rules. The feature resides within the Malware Policy page in the Exchange Admin Center, and can be accessed by going under the Protection tab on the left and the malware filter tab on the top. From there, you can choose between creating a new malware policy where the most commonly abused files are preselected by default or editing an existing one to include the new functionality.
This feature has administrative controls to enable and disable in your Exchange admin portal. This feature is off by default. You may turn it on in an existing or newly-created malware policy. Click Additional Information to learn more.

More information can be found here:

20 February 2016

Updated feature: SharePoint Online theming

SharePoint Online will be improved with the way how it renders site pages.

Most likely, you will not notice this change. Your SharePoint Online sites should continue to operate as they do currently. If you have customized your sites, by modifying the cascading style sheet (CSS) files, you may experience issues.

If you have not done any customization to your SharePoint sites, there is nothing you need to do.


New feature: Block users who don’t have Yammer licenses
As Yammer gets further integrated in Office 365, you can manage key aspects of the Yammer service from Office 365, including identity, domain, and license management.

As per the Message Center post on January 15, 2016, Microosft have enabled phase two of per user licensing. This will allow you to block users who don’t have Yammer licenses. In addition to this, over the coming weeks, you will be able to manage Yammer domain settings in Office 365. When you add or remove domains in Office 365, they will be automatically added to or removed from the corresponding Yammer network. If your Office 365 tenant has additional domains that have not yet been added to Yammer, we will automatically synchronize it.
If Yammer has been activated for your Office 365 tenant, you, as the Office 365 administrator, can manage your Yammer domain and user license settings just like any other service in Office 365.









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2 thoughts on “Office 365 – New in features in Office 365 in week 7 2016

  1. Hi Pieter,

    Thanks for the useful stuff. The new features are only coming if you are a First Release tenant, though or if you are part of the select people First Release Group.

    We haven’t enabled FR for evryone, as there are issues with Project / SharePoint Online sync with it. Just saying 🙂


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