Office 365 – Office 365 Admin App – a quick overview

Recently I have started using the Office 365 Admin app on my mobile. It is a great tool to find out what is happening in my office 365 tenants and also keep an eye on my customer’s tenants.


I also had a look at the windows 10 version of the same app ands there are even more option available.



A quick overview of the options:


In the user section all users are listed. additionally you can see the right people have

  • Unlicensed
  • Blocked
  • Admin
  •  <blank> this is for a normal licensed user.


A List of all groups available. It is also possible to create new groups. View members of groups and modify the exiting groups


This section shows which licenses have been purchased and how many of these licenses have been applied.


A list of all issues that appear and have appeared recently




I found this quite useful recently. All new features are announced here.


All your outstanding support calls listed.



A list of you available resource groups. You can add new members to these groups and add new groups.







This is where you can control multiple tenants that you might want to monitor; FAQs, Notification settings, security settings and language settings.


A great tool to help you with the day-to-day task in Office 365.

To download today :










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