Office 365 – Updates and new features in week 9 2016

This week 3 new features in office 365.

1 March 2016

New Feature: Manage Yammer domains across their lifecycle in Office 365

When you add or remove domains in Office 365, they will be automatically added to or removed from the corresponding Yammer network. If your Office 365 tenant already has additional domains that have not yet been added to Yammer, those domains will be automatically synchronized to Yammer. This roll out starts today and you should see this changes in the subsequent weeks.

If Yammer is included in your subscription and has been activated for your Office 365 tenant, you, as the Office 365 administrator, can manage your Yammer domains just like any other service in Office 365.

For more information:


2 March 2016

Updates to Managing storage and Service Health notifications for Dynamics CRM Online

Two new features being released for Dynamics CRM Online; will be available starting today

Manage storage for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Total Storage Used

How do I check my online service health?

Online Health CRM

4 March 2016

Updated feature: Office 365 Admin Center

Microsoft have been redesigning the Office 365 Admin Center to be more intuitive and informative, making it easier to complete your management tasks. They began rolling this out as a limited preview in September, and have received a lot of great feedback to help improve the experience. Over the next few weeks all customers will be able to see and use the updated Admin Center.

They’ve even added a “What’s new” page so you can keep up to date with the rapid improvements we will continually make on the new Admin Center.
Office 365 admin experience has been improved by simplifying the experience, and making it easier to access the tools and complete common tasks.


This new experience will soon be the default admin experience, with an ability to switch back to the current admin center while you are getting used to it.

Familiarize yourself with the new Office 365 Admin Center today. Click “Take a tour” from the new Admin Center home page.  More information


5 March 2016

Updated feature: Mobile client apps will now appear in users’ My Apps page

Microsoft’s updating the way they record consent for mobile client apps. You’ll begin seeing this change over the coming weeks. With this change they are centrally recording consent given by users to mobile or native client apps (like applications on mobile devices like laptops, PCs, iOS and Android) that access Microsoft APIs (like Microsoft Graph, Office 365 and Azure AD). Recording consent is something that already happens for web apps. We are extending this to mobile client apps so that end users and administrators can have a consistent experience for using and managing both types of apps.

Your users will be able to revoke consent given to mobile client apps through the Office 365 portal, in the same way they can do this for web applications.

Mobile client apps will start to show up in the Azure Management Portal applications list, so that you can track usage and apply policies for the app. There are a number of other benefits and experience changes. For the full list, please click Additional Information to learn more.




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