Some new functionality announced by Microsoft this week.

18 March 2016

New Feature: Common Attachment Types Filtering 

Common Attachment Types Filter is a new Exchange Online Protection feature. This feature will start rolling out today and should be completed over the coming weeks.

There is a new feature that provides an easy-to-setup method of filtering out unwanted and potentially malicious attachments by their file types. This feature only requires one click to turn on, and can easily be configured from a list of the file types commonly found to be dangerous. This will also help in consolidating attachment filtering within a malware policy rather than through multiple Exchange transport rules. The feature resides within the Malware Policy page in the Exchange Admin Center, and can be accessed by going under the Protection tab on the left and the malware filter tab on the top. From there, you can choose between creating a new malware policy where the most commonly abused files are preselected by default or editing an existing one to include the new functionality.

This feature has administrative controls to enable and disable in your Exchange admin portal. This feature is off by default. You may turn it on in an existing or newly-created malware policy.


18 March 2016

New Feature: OneDrive for Business user experience

You can now opt-in to the new web user interface (UI), for OneDrive for Business! Based on your feedback, we’ve updated this feature to better serve your needs.
You will experience a clean, intuitive, and beautiful interface. You can switch between tile or list views while easily organizing with drag-and-drop functions, and many other improvements.

You can switch back to the existing “classic” experience, with a link on the bottom left of the screen. Eventually the “classic” experience will go away, but not until we’ve been able to listen to your feedback and ensure everyone is ready for the change.

Go to your settings page in the Admin Center, to opt-in.


Old OneDrive interface
New OneDrive interface


16 March 2016

New reporting portal in the Office 365 admin center

In the new Office 365 admin center, Microsoft have created a new reporting portal that provides you with valuable insights about how the Office 365 services are being used and delivers details down to the individual user level directly in the new Office 365 admin center. We are starting to roll this out now, and you should begin seeing this feature over the next month.
The first version of the reporting portal includes a variety of new reports that provide consistent insights across all Office 365 services with a highly improved user experience. Enhancements include:
  1. A new Activity Dashboard that uses graphs to visualize key data such as how many users have used each workload as well as a key summary of the activity within each product
  2. New usage reports that surface detailed usage information for your Office 365 tenant as well as for each specific workload
  3. User level details: The new reports give you the ability to drill-down on single services and access detailed information at the individual user level.


More reports will be incrementally added over time. Please click Additional Information below to learn more.

15 March 2016

SharePoint and OneDrive for Business external sharing invitations expiration change

Effective today, Microsoft have increased the invitation expiration to 90 days to help improve the sharing experience in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business.
This change ensures that links are still cleaned up in a timely manner while giving external users a little more time to accept invitations, particularly after vacations or longer absences.