Today I came across a difference between the search result and search content web part. Next to all the obvious differences within the configuration of the two web parts the results returned are different too.

I’m trying to list all my sub sites within a certain site and I found different results between the two web parts.

The Search results web part only returns some of the sites (Web) objects where the Content Search web part returns all.subsites


For both web parts I’ve configured the query to show all sub sites but not the parent site:

contentclass:STS_Web (Path:{\Site.Url} AND Path<>{\Site.Url})

First the search result web part:



The content search web part returns 3 items.


I’ve reported this to Microsoft and they suggested to use the Content Search web part for now.

Then I had a chat with Mikael Svenson and he found the solution. Turn off the default duplicate trimming on the Search Results web part.


Problem resolved


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