Office 365 – New features and updates in week 16 2016

This week just some Yammer updates:

23 April 2016

New feature: Create Group in Yammer with external people

Yammer External groups is a new Office 365 feature.

As previously announced, Yammer will allow users to create a new type of group that includes external users. This is called an external group. This feature will begin rolling out this week.

This feature does not enable existing groups to have external people added. External Groups must created as a new group. If you have already disabled External Messaging in Yammer, your users won’t have access to create or participate in External Groups.
You have several options to manage External Groups using Exchange Transport Rules (ETRs). ETRs allow you to:
Block users from creating external groups
Allow inbound external groups only
Firewall your Yammer network

22 April 2016

Updated feature: Changes to Yammer Notification emails

Microsoft are making some improvements to the design and timing of our email notifications which will make it easier for users to parse the notification and decide what’s relevant. The new designs are much more visual, and users can still reply by email if they desire.

Over the coming weeks, Microsoft will test multiple new designs for Yammer email notifications. These new notifications will still include the core context of the message (snippet of the thread starter, network name, group name, sender avatar and name, additional participants, and a message preview) to enable users to triage and take action appropriately. There are two versions of the message preview length, but in both versions, the entire message will be included for the majority of cases. There are also updates to the business logic which determines when these notifications are sent to help ensure the notifications are relevant to the user. For instance, an email will not be sent if the user views the notification in Yammer and Yammer will not continue to send individual notifications on a specific conversation that the user decides not to engage with.

You will not need to do anything to prepare for this change. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

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