Office 365 – New features and updates in week 17 2016

Two updates this week:

28 April 2016

Feature update: Planned Maintenance notifications moving to Message Center

Microsoft is changing the way they tell you about Planned Maintenance events. In the old Office 365 Admin center, they notified you about Planned Maintenance in a separate dashboard, under Service Health.

Planned Maintenance Old

Starting June 1, 2016, Planned Maintenance notices will now live in the Message Center, along with the other change notifications about your Office 365 services.

Message Center
Between now and May 31, Microsoft will continue to publish Planned Maintenance notifications in the Planned Maintenance dashboard of the old Admin center, as usual. Beginning June 1, planned maintenance announcements will appear as a “Stay Informed” post in Message Center, with no action required on your part. You’ll also be able to see these messages on your mobile device, using the Office 365 Admin app. If a planned maintenance was announced prior to the cutover to Message Center, it will remain on the Service Health Dashboard until the notification expires.

Keep up to date on changes affecting you, by visiting the Message Center. Download and use the Office 365 Admin app, to stay informed on the go. Please click the link below for additional information:

25 April 2016

Microsoft are removing the RSS feature from the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard

Microsoft will be removing the RSS feature from the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, in June. This feature is currently only available in the classic Office 365 Admin Center experience, and will not be added to the new Admin Center.
You will no longer be able to subscribe to RSS alerts for service health incidents, when this change is implemented. Instead of using the RSS feeds, we recommend you use the Office 365 Admin app, which now contains push notifications.
If you do not have the Office 365 Admin app on your mobile device, please go to your mobile app store and download.
If you do have the Office 365 Admin app on your mobile device, go into settings and ensure it is configured to receive push notifications for service health incidents.


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