Office 365 – SharePoint – Sharing sites, lists or documents with external people

Sharing documents with external people is easy in office 365. A couple of tick boxes to click and off you go.

Sometimes however it’s not that easy.

I just shared a site with someone externally where the email address was registered with Microsoft. So this could be any account but in my case something like  …

Then I tried sharing with and this didn’t work or at least the external user didn’t appear in myActive Users permissions overview. Also within my active users I couldn’t see the external user.

A couple of potential issues:

  1.  didn’t have a mailbox connected to it
  2. It takes a while for onmicrosoft users to be recognized by the permissioning engine. My customer only just created the user account

So we gave MrX a mailbox to resolve issue 1.

When I checked the day after my external user appeared and the problem was resolved.


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