In week 19 of this year there has been one update to Office 365. Looking at last week there is likely more to come. So watch this space.

11 May 2016

New SharePoint home experience in Office 365 rolling out starting today

As announced at the “Future of SharePoint” event on May 4th, Microsoft are starting to rollout the new SharePoint home experience in Office 365, starting today, to First Release. The rollout will be completed to all tenants within the course of the next several weeks. Microsoft are committed to evolving your intranet to be more accessible on the go, and more personal with intelligence-driven content based on user activities across sites, the people they work with, and the content they work on.
Starting May 11th, 2016, Microsoft will begin to rollout the new SharePoint home experience in Office 365. What was the ‘Sites’ page is now the ‘SharePoint home’ and the “Sites” tile becomes the “SharePoint” tile – same logo, redesigned for a modern, responsive user experience.

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10 May 2016

Microsoft have made a change to the Office 365 Trust Center

As you might be aware, Office 365 security, compliance and privacy information is located in the Office 365 Trust Center. As a commitment to transparency, anytime Microsoft materially change the data maps, they disclose this information in the Office 365 Trust Center and send you a notification about this change.

The Office 365 data maps were recently revised to include a new datacenter region for Canada, supported by two new datacenter locations Microsoft recently brought online in Canada.

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