Office 365 – Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365

MSRA3Microsoft has launched a new tool to fix issues with Office 365. It’s easy to download and install on a PC from the following link.


Well the name is a bit unfortunate Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (MSRA). Hmm, isn’t this a super bug that hospitals struggle with?

Ok, I’m going to give this a go:


Well the progress bar goes a bit funny. The download progress and installation progress get a bit confused.


Then after the first attempt I got a failed to install message. The second attempt was better:


After the I agree the following dialog appears:



Ok I’ve got options here. Depending on my issues I can select a different option. As I’m quite technical I’m going for the Advanced option. (I’m the kind of person that doesn’t read manuals, I just go for it when I get my Ikea furniture in flat packs). And then I click on Next.


There is only 1 option there. So I guess that is the one!


I’m getting excited, after a few Next buttons and no choise I must be getting close to the center of the maze.


The are getting the clue:


Well I’m getting bored


And we’re done!







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