Office 365 – New features and updates in week 26 2016

So far this week has been quiet. Just 1 yammer related update. With the World Partner Conference just around the corner the updates may slow down a bit. WPC

1 July 2016

Updated feature: Yammer Email Notification Improvements

Microsoft have made changes to the design and the delivery rules for the emails they send when a user receives a high priority message in their Yammer Inbox.

In regards to design, they’ve made the following improvements:

  • Made it easier to parse and triage the Yammer notification.
  • Made it explicit why people actually receive the email.
  • Highlighted who triggered the email.
  • Increased the prominence of the group and network name.
  • Created an onramp to Yammer that leads to more active network engagement.
  • Made it obvious that the email originated from Yammer.
  • Included a strong call to action (CTA) providing users with very clear direction for what to do with the email.
  • Balanced the amount of content shown in the email between providing enough context and leading the user to engage in their Yammer network.

    From a delivery perspective:

  • Increased the signal and decreased the noise by delivering only messages that we believe are highly relevant and interesting.

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