Office 365 – New features and updates in week 27 2016

After a very quiet week a few more updates this week.


Updated Feature: Addition of ‘Notifications’ to the Intune Company Portal for Android

Microsoft are releasing an update to the Intune Company Portal for Android in August that will introduce a new ‘Notifications’ icon on the homepage. Tapping this icon will access the ‘Notifications’ page that will show your end user all the items that require attention in the Company Portal app such as device non-compliance, enrollment update, and enrollment activation. If you also use the iOS Company Portal app, you’ll already see the notifications experience.

With the introduction of the ‘Notifications’ page, you will not see the ‘Company Access Setup’ page every time you launch or resume the Company Portal for Android as long as the device is already enrolled.
Inform your IT staff and helpdesk of this change. Update your user training, if you feel this change is important to you. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

6 July 2016

Microsoft have removed the tabs for links, polls, and announcement in the Yammer Topic Feed

Microsoft have removed the tabs for links, polls, and announcements in the Yammer Topic Feed. This is in line with the previous removal of the tabs for links, polls and announcements from the Yammer User profile.

Users will no longer be able to filter via the links, poll, and announcements tabs but will still be able to view all links, polls and announcements within the conversation tab. Note, the functionality of links, polls and announcements remains unchanged.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change.


5 July 2016

Updated feature: Azure Active Directory Connect Health

Azure AD Connect Health service, a feature of Azure Active Directory Premium, allows you to monitor and gain insights into your hybrid identity infrastructure. Along with ADFS and Web App Proxy servers, the service can now monitor Azure AD Connect (sync) server as well, without any additional configuration or hardware requirements.
With the latest version of Azure AD Connect, microsoft install the component (Azure AD Connect Health agent for sync) necessary to monitor your Azure AD Connect server. Note: Azure AD Connect requires Azure AD Premium.
If you’re using Azure AD Connect (Version 1.0.9125 or higher) simply visit your Azure AD Connect Health Dashboard. Please click Additional Information to learn more.


5 July 2016

Updated Feature: Monthly feature updates for Office 2016 for Office 365

The latest feature updates for Office 2016 for Office 365 are now available.

This month’s update includes new feature updates, as well as other security and bug fixes.

If you have users configured for Current Channel release updates, you may want to get up to speed on the new features this month. Other than that, you do not need to do anything to prepare for this change.

Please click Additional Information to learn more.
5 July 2016

Old cases in Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery will be permanently removed

Earlier this year, Microsoft made some improvements to Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery cases that required you to create new cases. Any cases created before June 15th were retained, but set to read-only.

Microsoft will be permanently removing these old cases from Advanced eDiscovery. Cases will be removed on August 15, 2016. After a case is removed, you won’t be able access or recover it.

If your organization needs the data in an old case, Microsoft recommend that you create a new case in Advanced eDiscovery, and then use the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to prepare the results of a Content Search for Advanced eDiscovery. Then you can add the search results data to the new Advanced eDiscovery case. Please click Additional Information to learn more.








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