Office 365 – New features and updates in week 30 2016

This week two Project Online and a number of SharePoint Online updates have been announced


27 July 2016

Updated feature: SharePoint modern experiences and Publishing sites

Microsoft are updating the way SharePoint sites with the publishing feature enabled interact with the modern document library and site contents experiences. You’ll begin seeing this change starting August 1, 2016.
SharePoint sites with the publishing feature enabled currently load the classic UI for all document libraries and the Site Contents page in that site, except for document libraries that have explicitly enabled the modern experience in library advanced settings. We are changing it so that sites with the Publishing feature enabled will load the modern UI for site contents and documents libraries, unless an administrator has opted out of the modern experience.

If you want certain sites with Publishing enabled to continue to use the classic experience, you can configure them to do so. For information on how to do this, click the Additional Information link.


26 July 2016

Updated Feature: Site Contents modern UI change

Microsoft are updating the Site Contents feature. This change is effective in all SharePoint Online tenants as of July 25, 2016.
Previously, the only way to view the Site Contents page was using the new, modern UI. Microsoft have received feedback from some customers that they’d like the classic UI back. Now, Site Contents can use either the classic UI or the modern UI. This is controlled using the same switch in the tenant admin portal for controlling the experience for lists and libraries. If this setting is “New experience (auto detect)” then Site Contents will load using the modern UI, unless there are customizations present that are not supported in the modern UI. If this setting is “Classic experience” then Site Contents will load using the classic UI.
There is nothing you need to do to prepare for this change. Please click Additional Information to learn more.

25 July 2016

Improvements to the Project Online OData Service

Microsoft are improving the Project Online OData service. They are adding two additional properties:

  • AssignmentModifiedDate to the AssignmentTimephasedDataSet entity
  • TaskModifiedDate to the TaskTimephasedDataSet entity

This update will begin rolling out in mid-August and should be completed over the following weeks.
These properties can be used to better understand when assignment and task assignment by day details are updated. This is helpful for organizations that are replicating Project Online reporting data to a SQL Server database using the OData protocol.IC742930
Please note that if you have an app that queries all the properties without specifying the property names it may be impacted by this change. Microsoft recommend that apps query for specific properties so that apps are not impacted by the addition of properties.

Please click Additional Information to learn more.


25 July 2016

Updated Feature: Resource Engagements will not be enabled by default

With this update Microsoft are responding to customer feedback that more time is needed to transition to the new Resource Engagement functionality in Project Web App (PWA) sites.
They are holding off on upgrading PWA sites that still have resource plans and allowing more time to opt in to the new functionality.9a8e203e-9eb7-4e79-80c5-43527e36bf92 (1)

If you would like to try out the new functionality without disrupting your existing PWA sites, please try it out by creating a new PWA site which will have the functionality enabled by default. We have given you more PWA site quota, so you can create a test PWA site.

Please click Additional Information to learn more.


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