Maybe I should have called this article “How to break your OneDrive” in 10 minutes.” So there is a strong warning here “Don’t do this at home!”

I’m looking at creating metadata fields on my documents stored in OneDrive for Business and I notices that there isn’t a list settings in my settings menu.


So I tried Site Settings. Ah now I have Site content types, site columns and all other site settings options available. Ah, this is a bit worrying I can now properly starting to change my OneDrive site.


Well I want to do this properly so I’m first creating a custom content type for my documents and some custom site columns.

After that I select in the site settings the Site libraries and lists option.


Well my document must live in the library called Documents so I’ll click on Customize “Documents”.

And I’ve found my library settings:


Now it is easy to enable content types, add content types. Ok, this is the easy stuff. The list settings was a bit hidden away, but I got there at the end.

Then now the extra bonus!

Create a custom view. This is near the bottom of the library settings page. Once you click on Ok to save the view you will be directed to the view itself.

Now have a look at the settings menu again. I got an extra option there now.

Ribbon (Off/On) appeared.


Of course I had to try this. So I enabled my ribbon and form now onwards I’m having library settings available on my library.


I am not sure at this stage if I have now broken anything but at least my ribbon is now available in OneDrive for Business. As OneDrive for Business is similar to the new look SharePoint libraries will Microsoft support a Ribbon, content types or custom columns in OneDrive?  I will wait and see.