I’m hoping that someone will tell me that I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried the below both in an on-premises SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 environment.

I’ve create a site column “Complete”. This column is a Yes/No column with the default value set to No.



Then I’m creating two content types.

  • Parent Doc and
  • Child Doc

Parent Doc has as the parent content type Document and Child Doc has as the parent content type Parent Doc.

Now I’m adding the Complete column to the Parent Doc content type.

When I upload a document I’m finding the Complete column set to “No”. So that is all as expected.

Now I change the default value of my Complete column to “Yes”.


I’m uploading a document with the Parent Doc content type. And my default value is still used as Complete is set to “Yes”. So far so good.

But when I upload a document using the Child Doc content type I’m finding that the default value is set to “No”.

So it looks like when default values are set on a site column inheriting content types do not pick up this change.

Note: When I updated the default value I did select the “Update all list columns based on this site column”.