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Today I tried to get a list of all files within a folder in SharePoint Online using PnP PowerShell.

PnP PowerShell has a CmdLet Get-PnPFolder to get the folder. I used this Cmdlet to get the folder that contains the files that I’m interested in. My folder contains a set of Display templates.

$folderUrl = "/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Custom"

$ctx = Get-PnPContext

$folder = Get-PnPFolder -Url $folderUrl


This now returns a list of files that I can use with the Get-PnPFile command to download all my display templates from a site collection.




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  1. Hi Pieter
    There is an easier way now :-
    $folder = Get-PnPFolderItem -Url $ArtefactUrl

    which displays the names of the items in the folder.




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