Over the last year or so many of my posts have been related to the PnP Provisioning Engine.

I’ve created multiple scripts to replicate my whole intranet from one tenant to another. I’ve set this all up in such a way that this would work for any intranet solution based on Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises solutions.

Big advantages of this solution:

  • It can handle multiple pages, unlike PnP out of the box
  • It can handle complex combinations of look-up fields and lookup lists
  • One click for
    • Reading all templates form a whole tenant
    • Updating a whole tenant wiht the set of templates
    • both reading templates and applying them
  • An option to disable/enable features
  • Fixing template issues in between getting the templates and applying them without any user intervention such as:
    • Updating security setting (usernames in different domains)
    • Fixing templates with mixes of team sites and publishing sites
  • Switching between latest and older versions of PnP PowerShell
  • Migrating simple data in lists ( e.g. lookup lists)
  • Handle external lists
  • Migrate from On-Premises to Office 365
  • … you name what you would like to add to this list

So this isn’t just about provisioning a solution, it is also about replicating your solutions between Development, Test and Production.

Are you interested in this solution then please leave a comment below.