In my adventures with the new web parts I ran into the following error when I added my web part to a page:

Something went wrong

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***ERROR MESSAGE: ***Failed to load component “4fb1a04a-1d7e-4683-8046-de1646f94fb0” (MyClientSideWebPartWebPart). Original error: ***Failed to load URL ‘https:/ /’ for resource ‘myClientSideWebPartStrings’ in component ‘4fb1a04a-1d7e-4683-8046-de1646f94fb0’ (MyClientSideWebPartWebPart). There was a network problem. This may be a problem with a HTTPS certificate. Make sure you have the right certificate. ***CALLSTACK: i/<@

As always a very helpful error message.

Within my write-manifests.json file and my deploy-azure-storage I used the following two lines:

“cdnBasePath”: “https:/ /”

“container”: “my-client-side-webpart”
While in Azure I created a container with the name myclientsidewebpart
The annoying thing is that rather than giving me error messages during the provisioning stage, a new container is created within Azure

Note that the access type is Blob rather than Container!

All I had to do was match everything up and my web part appeared nicely:



So rather than

“container”: “my-client-side-webpart”

I had to go for

“container”: “myclientsidewebpart”