Migraines – They are a real head ache

All the regular followers of my blog will know that I write about pains in SharePoint. Well this post is not going to contain any SharePoint.

In general I don’t write about personal things. This post is going to be different!

I was born in the Netherlands, I’ve got a wife and 2 kids and we live in the United Kingdom. We are just a normal family.

Recently my youngest son has been getting migraines. He is only 5 years old. During these migraines he is getting visual disturbances. He calls it seeing squares. These squares sometimes stay longer than 5 days and they come with head aches.

I asked him to draw a picture of these squares and as you can see they follow quite a nice and neat pattern.

Towards the end of  these migraines the squares become transparent, but in the beginning they are not see through. When he gets these migraines in general we find that he gets a flu or cold at the same time, so most likely his body is already under strain when these migraines occur.

Has anyone else seen these kind of auras in a 5 year old?





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