Today, while I was working with  PowerApps I suddenly got

Could not acquire storage. Try again later

When clicking on the More link I found the following:

Error when acquiring storage (Result Code: FailedToAcquireStorage): Invalid response for getStorage call. Status Code: . Response:
Stack: Core.ApplicationError: Invalid response for getStorage call. Status Code: . Response:
at PowerAppsSaveError.ErrorBase [as constructor] (
at PowerAppsSaveError.ApplicationError [as constructor] (
at new PowerAppsSaveError (
at Object.p [as _notify] (
at Object.enter (
at c.Class.derive._creator._run (
at c.Class.derive._creator._chainedError (
at c (
at c.Class.define.cancel.then (

Session ID: b6b3017a-1ae5-a4ac-2af3-3f36837e68b6

Then after 3 or 4 attempts to save the app I saved the app locally on my PC.  The message disappeared and my form was saved. At least I was able to continue my development. It does look however like something might not be completely right, however the system seems to recover ok.

A while later the problem came back when I ran the app as a user:

On the trouble shooting page I quite quickly found the solution