Microsoft 365 – The 365 world is growing even more

Today at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference it was announced that Microsoft 365 will now be the name of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

If you have been struggling to to keep up with all the new stuff that Microsoft is developing. Now there are additional parts that are merged into the game.

So what is included in Microsoft 365? Here is a quick overview of some of the things presented today:

Application of HoloLens technology to get models of real objects


Bot frameworks with photo recognition and even video recognition, so that a bot can rocognize an unhappy customer.

and multilingual chats where you can switch between languages as you like:

Conference analytics, so that you can see how successful your conference was delivered.

Auto encryption of documents depending on the content  of the document:

PowerBI in Microsoft Teams

Whiteboards that recognize shapes and make it easy to draw straight lines, tables etc.

using LinkedIn data in your Dynamics 365/CRM.

Using Linked in Recruiter to find the right candidate.

But there was more ….

A lot of Azure technology was being presented at Inspire.

A lot of Artificial Intelligence that has been added to Azure.

This includes the Microsoft Azure  Machine Learning Studio

And the Logic App Designer.

So there a lot to look forward too again.

Do you want to watch the full recording please visit the Inspire site.







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