Tech Community is 1 year!

Once upon time there was a Yammer community then the tech community came around and ate the Yammer community.

Yes it all sounds a bit like a fairy tale, but one year on we have all got used to the tech community and so far I’ve found it a great platform to ask people for help and where possible help other people. 

Like in other forums and noticeboard you can earn badges.  n recent months I already noticed that I didn’t get any more badges. But today, I received my 1 Year  Anniversary badge.

The tech community has many communities all under one roof. So imagine rather than your usual X colleagues, who can help you you would now have the following people:

  • 26.800 Office 365 community users and experts
  • 16.500 Azure users and experts
  • 15.100 SharePoint users and experts
  • 14.500 Skype for Business users and experts
  • 13.200 Microsoft Teams users and experts
  • 10.800 OneDrive for Business users and experts

Have you ever told your customers that you have 1000s of colleagues all ready to help you? Well, I have!

The tech community gives you direct access to MVPs, wanabe MVPs and Microsoft staff. If you aren’t part of this community yet, but you are involved with Microsoft technology have a look at today! It’s a great way to help and be helped and we will live happily ever after.





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