Office 365 – Have you tried creating a demo or development tenant recently?

One of the major strengths of Office 365 is that it is very easy to create a new demo or development tenant. In a matter of minutes you can have a new environment up and running and development work can start.

Recently I noticed however that when you create a development tenant you will see the following email appear in you mail box:


Sorry,!  Due to the excitement of Office 365 development, our promotional codes have been used. We are preparing new codes. In the meantime, check out our benefits.

This issue has now been there for at least 3 weeks!

Then this morning though about the good old demo environments, just so that we can get the project up and running and The following warnings appear over there:


There is however a way to create a development tenancy!


Put in the Subject: Longer Subscription

And then you will get an email that looks like this:

Thank you for your interest in Office 365 development.


Here is a promo code for you. This is a one year trial with up to 25 users.…….


When redeeming the code, please use the following guidance:

  1. You must be InPrivate browsing to redeem the code
  2. This offer is a developer sandbox offer, and is not compatible with any other offers.
    1. For example, you cannot have a paid E5 offer, Visio offer and this offer all in one
  3. The limit is one subscription of this trial per tenant lifetime i.e. can only sign up for this offer once.  You can create a second trial with, which will work.
  4. These promo codes may not be used to extend a currently existing offer, paid or otherwise
    1. You need to create a net new tenant per #3.






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