Office 365 – Microsoft Teams vs Microsoft Teams

Today, I’m comparing Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Teams. Huh, what kind of non sense post is this!

Well in case you didn’t know yet, Microsoft teams is very different from Microsoft Teams.

I’ve got 2 tenancies to play around with:

  • My development tenancy
  • An education tenancy

When I create a new team in my development tenant I get the expected dialog:

But when you create a team in the education site you get some very different dialogs.

So there are 4 different type of teams sites in the educational tenancies.

  • Classes
  • PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)
  • Staff Members
  • Anyone

So what is the difference?


Class teams have an additional notebook and options for assignments.

Class notebook

When clicking on the Class notebook tab a quick overview is presented:

Then you can specify which sections you want in your notebook:

And then Microsoft teams will get things ready for you:

And then your notebook is ready:

Now you have many options available within the ribbon:

Options like Microsoft Forms can simply be selected from the ribbon.

But that is not all. How about reviewing students work:

So a lot of new stuff there all making sharing class notes easier. When logged in a as a student a smaller subset of notebooks will be available. This is a great new way to manage all those notes. And you can even share your notes, just like that.


In the Assignments section, teachers can create new assignments for students:

Reference materials can be included, due dates can be specified. Isn’t this great! No need to collect you assignments you can do this directly from the comfort of your home or where every you may be.

Do you want to get an overview of all your assignments? Well they are only one click away:


The here above mentioned PLCs, Staff Members and Anyone teams are similar team sites. They only don’t have the Assignments section available. Also the notebooks have been replaced by notebooks for each area.



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