Update: Recently I noticed that the recording option in Teams is available! These recording are no stored in Microsoft Teams and will appear in Microsoft Stream after your meeting has finished.



My original post can be found below:

So you are running a video call within Microsoft Teams and you would like to record the video and your presentation that you are sharing. Well, one of the limitations compared to Skype for Business is that you cannot record your video calls. But the good news is that Microsoft is listening to its users.

One of the top items on the Microsoft Teams Uservoice shows us that Microsoft is working on recording meetings:



But what can we do in the mean while?

Win+G is the magic key combination.

With this recording app that is part of Windows 10’s Xbox you can record a single application. Not a full screen but just 1 single app. So while you present you could record your Microsoft Teams App. Well not completely. You would get your voice, you would get your Teams app but if you share your screen and present a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation then this would not be recorded.

So how do can you get around this?

When one of the attendees of the call records the meeting, audio, video and presentation will be recorded.