Microsoft Teams – Bots and Settings

Ok, so you’ve created your first team and now you would like to configure the team. Where do you go? In this post I’m going through the settings available within the app.

I’ve created my test team that I will be using in this post:

Within the team I can find 3 menus where you might expect menus

  • The Team’s ellipses menu

  • The Channel’s ellipses menu

  • The Channel ellipses menu at the top

But none of these have any settings for the team. The closest to settings is the Edit Team option:

But this only offer me to change the name, description or the privacy settings.

The real settings have been hidden a bit:

Click on the team name in the breadcrumb (in the above screenshot Pieter’s test team).

And now the settings appear:

And not just the Settings, but also the Bots option. Yes, I did notice Member and Channels but those options you can find in other places in Microsoft Teams as well.


Within the bots tab you can add new bots to your team by clicking on the Discover bots:

You will get a list of bots:

Notice that the scroll bar on the right only appears when you start scrolling down. This scroll bar disappears when you stop scrolling. Well at least this is a good interface without the much hated scrollbars.

So now you can add a Bot. I’m picking the Emojify bot.


The bot gets added to my list of available bots:

So where do I find this bot now? Within the Chat section you will have to search for the name of the bot. I’m not sure if any user would find this.

So now I open the bot and I start typing

I like this bot very much

After a while the message appears in my conversation:


but after a while things seem to start working and my conversation is being updated.

Now over to the rest of the settings


The settings are groups in 5 areas of the teams app:

  • Team Picture
  • Member permissions
  • Guest permissions
  • @mentions
  • Fun stuff

Team Picture

In the Team picture settings you can update the team picture. Who would have guessed that?


If you upload a photo and  then delete the photo you might find that the color scheme of your site changes.

Member Permissions

In the Member permission section you can decide what members can do within your team.

Ok, let me first explain the different permission levels.

There are the following permission levels:

  • Owners – people who have access to the settings
  • Members – people internal to your organisation that have been given member permissions to the team.
  • Guests – people that are not part of your organisation or people that use accounts that are not part of your domain.

So now we are looking at what members can do.


  • Allow creating and updating channels

    Do you want your team member to be able to create or add new channels?

  • Allow members to delete channels

    Should it be possible for members to remove the channels.

  • Create, update, and remove tabs

    Should it be possible to add new tabs to the team?

  • Create, update, and delete connectors

    Should it be possible to add connectors to the team channel.

  • Add and remove bots

    Should a member be able to maintain bot configurations

  • Everyone can delete their messages

    Can everyone delete their own messages? This is a bit of bad wording as everyone implies that this includes guests.

  • Everyone can edit their messages

    Can everyone edit their own messages? This again  is a bit of bad wording as everyone implies that this includes guests.


Also note that all of the above is switched on. Many paranoia administrators will probably want to untick all the boxes. But the new approach is to empower users. So give them the options to do all of the above.

Guest permissions

guests can do a lot less within teams:

Just two options here:

  • Allow creating and updating channels

    Do you want your guests to be able to create or add new channels?

  • Allow guests to delete channels

    Should it be possible for guests to remove the channels.

Note that for guests both of the above options are disabled by default.


In the mentions section the owner of a team can decide if mentions in messages are allowed. As these mentions would trigger notifications the options to disable notifications have been added.

Fun stuff

This must be the best part of the settings:

This is where you can find settings for Giphy, Stickers and Memes.

So users can add stickers. Or memes (this rhymes with teams!)

Giphy’s, Stickers and Memes can be added to conversations. If you don’t want users to use these then you might want to untick the above boxes. But hey, why would you not want to allow this? Remember this is the Fun stuff!








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