Microsoft Teams – Discover Bots has been replaced by Discover Apps

Last week I went through the settings of Microsoft Teams.  This included the discovery of bots.

Well this week it is all change again. I can still find the Discover bots in some of my tenant, but one tenant I’m now seeing Discover apps instead:

It looks like this is a change currently on the way. And so far I like it!


Now it is possible to add Tabs, Bots and Connectors  all from this single Discover apps interface:

Teams is now really becoming the home of your apps. It will become a difficult choice to find the right location for your apps.

Do you develop:

  1. A teams app that is available in the above dialog
  2. A SharePoint app
  3. A SPFx Web Part

Microsoft is pushing many pieces of different technology all at the same time. I guess it is all down to the user, where they prefer to work. Does this mean that we will develop the same solution in different locations, just to please the users? Or will it just be a matter of accessing the same app in different ways?



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