Ok, of course you can ask me for a demo of Microsoft Teams! I’m always happy to introduce people to the must have application that has launched recently. So I would not turn you down if you asked me for a demo. But today I came across the Microsoft Teams demo site .


After giving yourself a name… the site guides you through the basic options:

It gives you a great overview of most of the features that Microsoft Teams offers. OK, it doesn’t include the educational specific bits. But it does give you a great introduction to the basic bits! Of course there is a lot more about teams that the demo site doesn’t go through yet, and that is why you might want to ask a Microsoft Teams consultant to give you a more complete overview. But for the quick 5 minutes “what is it all about?”. This site gives a what you need!

If you still have any question about teams after this demo then feel free to leave a comment below.