Microsoft Teams – Be a real know it all with Notifications

In my long running series about Microsoft Teams, I’ve decided to have a look at the Notification settings in Microsoft Teams.

Something that just looks like another option in the menu has actually a few unclear options.

Within the Notification settings there are a few number of different settings. For each setting there are a few different options.

First things first, where can you find the notifications?



Microsoft Teams will send out notifications of events by email on a regular basis. The frequency of these emails can be configured. in the Email frequency setting. The option available are:

  • As soon as possible
  • Once every 10 mins
  • Once every hour (default)
  • Once every 8 hours
  • Once a day
  • Never

Also note that you might not get an alert if you already have noticed the event!

In feed

Alerts can also appear in the Feed:


Most of the settings are related to where receive notifications. But there are 3 options that control other parts of Microsoft Teams.


The sound setting  has 3 options:

These options are a bit unclear to me. I understand Call, mention and chat. I also understand Off, but what does All mean?

Email frequency

I’ve seen many people complaining about not receiving notifications. Switch this setting to As soon as possible if you want to make sure that you don’t miss email notifications. I’ve seen a few time that when you click around that banner notifications disappear, while you didn’t actively notice what the notification was about. This option should make that less likely.

Chat with Skype for Business

This option is another new feature with in Microsoft Teams. This option enables you to have calls with people using Skype for Business.



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