SharePoint – Migrations without 3rd party tools … soon

This week at Ignite 2017 a new Migration tool was announced by Microsoft. Do you have file shares or SharePoint on-premises that you want to migrate to Office 365? It’s now an easy job! Well at least a cheap job. No need for licenses for 3rd party tools.

In this post I will go through to options available within this tool.

The SharePoint Migration Tool can be downloaded here:

Click on I agree…. (Don’t forget to read the Terms first of course!)

The above dialog might look like a place to click on Select a source, Choose a destination, but it is not! Just click on next.

Then you will get a login dialog:

This is where you need to supply your Office 365 credentials needed to import the data.

Time to select the source of your data:


In this example I’m going to import data from a File Share


Now all i have to do is select my destination

And My migration can start after I have selected my destination

After clicking on the Migrate button all the magic starts:

In my case I’ve got 1 document in my file share and migrating this took 15 seconds:

Hmm, my document didn’t get migrated. Ok, this is only version of the tool. But at least it gives us a bit of an idea where Microsoft is heading with migrations.

I looked in the logs and I found:

My document library used the url: …../Shared%20Documents/… not Documents. Hmm, the tool uses the Title of the library rather than the Url!

So I created a new document Library called DocLib:


My migration starts again but I’m still getting the same error.


Time to look at settings. Well this is a bit difficult. The settings only appear when you create a new migration task. So once you’ve restarted the application create a new task and then the settings are there:

Well not much there to play with that could possibly affect the scan failure. Time to wait for the next release of the pre-preview tool.





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