After my previous post on Notification settings in Microsoft Teams I noticed a couple of people complaining about not getting the notification.

Within my app I was receiving the alerts but not by email. As I was absolutely sure that the alerts used to come through, there had to be something else going on.


So I closed my Microsoft Teams app.

I closed Microsoft Teams in my browsers.

I even though about closing the back ground process that runs with the app.

But still…. No notifications by email.


I was sure that the alerts were coming through as my phone was giving me notifications…. Ah, that is it. I also shutdown my phone. Then within minutes the email notification was coming through:



Ok, this is great, but… The reply address is noreply@….

It is a real shame that it isn’t possible to reply to a conversation like we used to do in Yammer. Time for a uservoice upvote: