Microsoft Teams – Azure Logic Apps – Don’t mention it!

Today I tried to create an Azure Logic app that creates a message in a Channel within a Microsoft Teams team. This was amazingly easy.

But then the trouble started. I wanted everybody to receive an alert using the Mentions in Microsoft Teams. My team name is Triad.Microsoft.Development so @Triad.Microsoft.Development should work.

Even the code view looks ok to me:

[code lang=text]
"inputs": {
"host": {
"connection": {
"name": "@parameters('$connections')['teams']['connectionId']"
"method": "post",
"path": "/beta/groups/@{encodeURIComponent('2d7f5296-cf27-408e-9e5a-dac219e97084')}/channels/@{encodeURIComponent('12aad3df-90b5-433b-81ce-8e4c444bc127')}/chatThreads",
"body": {
"rootMessage": {
"body": {
"content": "PLEASE IGNORE THIS MESSAGE\n\nHi @Triad.Microsoft.Development, Please reply with what you were working on yesterday, what you are planning to work on today and if there are any impediments.",
"contentType": 1
"authentication": "@parameters('$authentication')"

But now when I look at the Message in Teams:

The Mention is being ignored and simply treated as plain text. So the next step is trying to edit the message:

I also tried the same with Microsoft Flow and the same issue is there too. I guess Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps are using the same engine in the background.

So I contacted @AzureSupport on twitter and after a short discussion they asked me to open the issue on the MSDN forum.




7 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams – Azure Logic Apps – Don’t mention it!

    1. Hi Tim, No as far as I know this doesn’t work yet. I’ve reported it to Microsoft and it is on their radar now. I think the problem is that the app does some magic and converts the @… into a user object. This should really be done in the API.

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