Microsoft Teams – Seek and ye shall not find?

One of the features that Microsoft teams offers is Wikis. Wikis will typically be used as a knowledge base. The general problem with a knowledge base is that people might not exactly know what they are looking for therefore a search or filtering is critical to the success of the knowledge base. It’s the same within Microsoft Teams.

So my colleague created a wiki all about Agile processes.

Then I tried to search for the word “Ceremonies” in Messages in Microsoft Teams and I found some of the conversations. So far so good!

Now I’ll try to find the Wikis so I clicked on the Files tab.

Hmm, it looks like only the file names are used to search for the files. That isn’t very good. I want to be able to find my wiki content by searching for the content and even worse when I look click on one of the above one note files, I get:

Has anyone successfully been able to search for the content of Wikis and Onenote in Microsoft Teams?  Looking at the uservoice below it looks like I’m not the only one having a problem with Search in Microsoft teams:









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