Yesterday, at Future Decoded, Tom Nabarro showed us all how a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t do a job. Tom fully relies on using his voice and eyes to do his job. His daily job as a software developer is made possible through Microsoft technology like Cortana. In front of about 10000 people, he did some development work! How many developers can say that?

It shows how important it is that these options are added to software, so that anybody can be included in the workforce.

But that was not all! Have you ever tried reading a website with your eyes closed? Accessibility readers can help, but during a demo it was shown how important it is that images are understood by the reader. This is where developers need to consider the accessibility options in their code.

But if you want to know how accessible a Microsoft product is where do you go?

Microsoft has an accessibility site available where you can go through the reports for all their products.

If you look for example at the  EN 301 549 reports you will find many of your questions answered:

Further details on Accessibility and Microsoft Teams can also be found here.