Microsoft Bookings – Yet another baby added to the Office 365 family

Today I noticed the following in my Message Center in the Admin Center of Office 365:
Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Bookings will be available for your users. It is available as part of the Business Apps (free) add-on subscription.
Microsoft Bookings helps simplify how customers schedule and manage appointments with businesses. It can also be used for scheduling appointments for internal customers and staff in a larger organisation.
If you add the Business Apps (free) add-on to your existing subscriptions, Microsoft Bookings will be available to your users. It is released off-by-default to give you a chance to explore the new capabilities. Once turned-on users will see the Microsoft Bookings icon in the App Launcher and on their homepage after log-in.
1. Add the “Business Apps (free)” add-on to your existing subscription.
2. Assign licenses to your users for this add-on. Please click Additional Information to learn more.
You can enable the Microsoft booking by going through the steps in the Get access to the Office 365 Business apps for Enterprise subscriptions article. Once you’ve gone through the steps you should see Bookings in you App Launcher,
Just to give you a quick preview of the app:
Having  tried to enable Bookings, I got the following error message in my Admin Center, so it looks like things are on their way:

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