Office 2016 – The Document Information Panel has been removed, but it is back now!

You might have noticed that The document Information Panel was removed in MS Office 2016. Or more likely you probably never really missed it.

Do you remember this section that would let you update document properties:

Well in Office 2016 you were able to get to these options in the document properties.


Now in Word 2016 you will find something back that looks a bit like the properties panel.

It doesn’t open by default, but it feels fairly similar to the DIP as it appears next to the document. And this is straightaway a massive improvement. Where in the past the DIP would take a lot of the document editing space away when it appeared above the document, now that it appear on the side no editing space is lost.

But there is more…

When you open a document which has any required properties that should be completed, you will find a yellow warning asking you to open the properties panel.

Also, I remember that the DIP was always struggling with the more complicated columns like Managed Metadata columns. So I added a Managed Metadata column as well and without any problems this column appeared inn the Properties panel.

OK, the selection screen could still do with some work. AS I’m sure you will agree that the multiple scroll bars don’t look particularly good, but having had just a short play with this new feature I’m glad that it has been made easier to update the document properties.







11 thoughts on “Office 2016 – The Document Information Panel has been removed, but it is back now!

  1. Hi Peter, so the Properties tab works well, including lookup columns on Sharepoint. However, inserting Quickparts that display this data in the document don’t work correctly for Sharepoint lookup columns. It instead displays the list ID # for the lookup.
    Does it work for you?


  2. Hey Guys,
    I noticed the same as you regarding that Document Panel, however when I go to that Properties tab, I get a web page instead. We have some custom development in our farm and it might be due to that since the page which is showing up is this : https;:// .
    Do you knowif there is any configuration that shoudl be done for that Properties to be displayed or is it just OOB? Any idea is welcome… Tks


    1. Hi Alexis,

      Is that in SharePoint online? I’m not getting that. Which version office are you using? I went to that url that you mentioned and the page seems to exist. I wonder if that is caused by a setting in your Word or a version of Word. It sounds like a backup solution if the default DIP doesn’t work.


  3. Hey,
    Forgot to mention we are still in SharePoint 2013 version but Office 2016. I did another test on another environment with no custom code and there I have another error in that properties panel: Add-in Error – Your SharePoint installation does not support this feature.
    Anyone knows what feature is missing then ?


  4. Ok, Googling a bit more, I found out that It is fixed for SharePoint 2013 with the December CU. KB4011596 Enables the new Document Information Panel feature that’s visible in Word.
    THat will still be though for us to get there, so in the mean time do you think when can rely on the File > Info > Properties as a workaround… Because there, the problem is that the so called metadata web dialog (as descriebd here never popus up on our side.(
    Do you know if it relies on teh same add-in issue?
    Tks for your help.


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