Office 365 – Updates to team sites, Is Microsoft trying to deliver end solutions or a framework?

Today, Microsoft announced some changes to the modern team sites. Over the last few months we all got used to the modern team sites:

According to the announcement today

Newly created group-connected, SharePoint Online team sites in Office 365 currently have two web parts on the homepage: News and Activity.

Going forward, team sites will have four web parts: News, Quick Links, Activity, and Documents.

So looking at the link provided my current team sites could look something like this once there is some data added to the site:

So now we will get something that includes Documents and  Quick Links. So that could look something like this (I don’t have actual screen shots available yet):

Of course all of this looks great, but practically during the last 10 years I have never seen 2 customer wanting exactly the same kind of team sites. Would it not be better to supply us with more and better (more configuration options for example) web parts that we can use on the modern sites?

In my experience, you can never predict what the customer really wants. Every customer wants something slightly different hence a template giving us a team site without any web parts but the option to add any web part I may need would help. Or the option to create custom site templates would be more helpful than a pre-configured template with many web parts as I’m likely having to remove or reconfigure the web parts.






6 thoughts on “Office 365 – Updates to team sites, Is Microsoft trying to deliver end solutions or a framework?

  1. I do not understand it either.

    The two they had were good enough and easy to remove. Templates would be so much better.

    Also ability to remove the top image banner. As you have the logo and name of the site at the top already.

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    1. Of course, you can still add and remove web parts. But in my experience what ever is deliver as out of the box is never 100% right, therefore why invest any time in adding new stuff to the base template.

      The activity feed is just for the SharePoint site.


      1. So it’s the old news feed? or its the activity feed that shows what content is changing on the site? Often there is confusion about terminology.


  2. Pieter, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The platform needs to have building blocks and let users decide what they need. Sai


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