Office 365 – Create a new SharePoint Online team site and …. I’m lost in a black hole!

Today I tried to create a new team site and I first noticed a slightly different message once my site ‘finished’ created.

So I clicked on Next


Waiting for the creating site to disappear:

And now as I clicked on Finish, I got the following:


I now can’t find my team site for quite a while and the above screen is a dead end. No links! Nothing to navigate anywhere.


Not within the admin center:

Wow, this is worrying, I don’t have any site collections here anymore!


So I tried the updated preview Admin Center and it is not there either:

And not in SharePoint home:




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  1. I think your blank site collection was a problem with Microsoft yesterday, as 3 tenants I checked didnt show up any site collections for about 4 hours. Also prevented me from creating a site collection via powershell. Seemed to be ok by 3pm UK times yesterday.


  2. No matter if you had IT issues in UK datacenter — wouldn’t new O365 Group based SPO sides not rather show up in “Admin Group panel of O365” instead of SPO Management console anyhow? just checking


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