After my last week’s post Feedback is important, but please don’t bother my users, I thought about creating a feedback form within the modern experience of Office 365. I’m going to restrict myself to out of the box functionality. So no development! And I want it quick!

So I’m starting with a new communication site:

Then add a web part and select the Microsoft Forms web part:

Then click within the web part on New form:

Supply a name for your form. Note that if this form name already exists within Microsoft forms you will get an ugly error.


Now we are ready to add the questions:


I like positive feedback ( feel free to leave positive feedback in the comments box below this post ) so I’ve added a few options:


Then I added a free text box for comments:

As there may be a need for some longer comments, I’m also enabling the long answers option. you can compare this to the single line and multi line fields in SharePoint:

Now that the questions are complete I’m going back to my SharePoint communication site. Once the page has been published the feedback form appears, ready for my end user to fill in.