All these login windows in Microsoft Teams can be very confusing. As you use the windows app, a browser or a InPrivate browser and even when you use different browsers all together, you will find that things  sometimes get confusing.

If you thought that the logout in the app got things sorted then you might get confused like many others.


So in my environment I’m starting teams by clicking on the app and my windows login is being recognised. This will now give me background process for teams and the teams app as you might expect! I know that quite a few people don’t find things this easy, but in my case this is how easy it can be. Have you noticed the Quit and the Log out  options here?

The Quit and the Log out options both will end the back ground process, but the log out will restart it for you so that you can login.You now get the login window that gives you the option to login. This now also gives you the option to login to a different tenant.

As a consultant at Triad I often log in to different tenants. and this option to login, even though it is a bit hidden does come very useful and of course it is still possible to login to my Triad tenant as well.