Office 365 – Admin Center uses your local language and will end up doing your building work!

Most of my posts are directed at anybody in the world in any location. This time I’m going to have a look at the new language options in the Admin Center.

You can now set the language in your Admin Center, so today ( just for a short period of time) I will set this to Dutch!

Especially for all my Dutch followers have a look at the top line: “Uw woning aanpassen”. (translated this means “adjust your house that I live in”). Wow, this is the end of all my DIY weekends. Office 365 will now update everything in the house that I live in. Ok, I understand this mistake! Automated translations are simply no good (yet) if they aren’t verified by people. I would have expected that before releasing an auto translated site that there would have been a native speaker checking the translations.

There are some more of these translation that I found on the site. It would be nice to see some quality control here.






5 thoughts on “Office 365 – Admin Center uses your local language and will end up doing your building work!

      1. MIcrosoft needs help from the customers. I guess they don’t have an agile system for reacting to feedback. I’ve found out they have sites for product feedback, and I’ve left some feedback from translation errors, but I don’t know if it helps. How many Finnish users there are for Skype for Business? And the “Read” button (in the meetings, opens the chat area) is translated wrong, in past tense “is read”. Confusing. Seemingly small error, but it’s been there since the beginning. One would think it would be fixed by now.


  1. My previous comment was about O365 messaging features. However, there are translation mistakes throughout Microsoft products, like PowerPoint, Skype for Business. In the past the translations used by Microsoft were considered *the* source. Today, it’s not like that.


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