Microsoft Forms – Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and SharePoint all in one.

After a bit of a quiet week so far on my blog, now a post that hits multiple Applications. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and SharePoint.

It all starts by adding a new tab to a Channel in Microsoft Teams:

Then give your form a name (you might have to log into Microsoft Teams now):

Now a form can be created


Once the form has been made available to the rest of the team it will appear int eh Recent group forms



5 thoughts on “Microsoft Forms – Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and SharePoint all in one.

  1. Thank you for blogging about this – I think having the ability to add a Form via a tab in our Team is great! However, when you create a Form from within the add a tab process (as opposed to adding an existing form) and you test it with a few responses, it then pings the channel repeatedly with a summary of responses burying other important threads.

    How can I turn that off? And is there any way to delete those messages from the flooded channel?


    1. Hi Lucinda,
      Thank you for your comment. I’ve not seen that in my environment.

      I’m only seeing the single announcement of the form’s existence

      Can you send me a screenshot of your channel?


    2. Are you sure you didn’t configure a channel connector for the Form too? That will post a daily summary of new responses into your channel, like you described.

      As for deleting existing posts, this is possible if you’re group owner and if the option has been enabled in the O365 Admin Center.


      1. Thanks, Hal – you were spot on! Some time had passed so I missed that little detail about the connector. LOL

        However, as to deleting: it is enabled at the tenant in the Admin center, but the option to delete is not available in the app or online. Any other suggestions on that?

        Thanks again! At least it has now stopped spamming the channel.


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