Microsoft Forms – Quizzes the full starters guide – part 2

In my post before just before Christmas I created a Christmas quiz in Microsoft Forms. Today I’m looking at the reports part of the Microsoft Forms quizzes.

Today I noticed that I had a few responses. Yes! at least some people played my quiz. Maybe next year I will offer some prizes so that I get some more responses. 2 answers is already quite good anyway, at least for the purpose of this post.

So first I’m clicking on my Christmas Quiz form and I notice that there are 2 responses available for the quiz.

This initial overview is already quite good as I can see what people responded.

This now straightaway shows the weakness of the quizzes in Microsoft Forms. Question 2 was created as an open text question and the answer that I specified is: “Robert L. May”. Getting the exact answer right is quite difficult. I’ve even added an answer that is almost right, but of course Microsoft forms cannot judge the correctness of the answer by itself.

So once I’ve received my answers I’m now looking through the answers myself and I add some additional answers to the question:

And as soon as I added the acceptable answers my overview is updated.

Is this it?


No, there is a lot more. Have a look at the review answers section by clicking on the Review answers button.

And this is where Microsoft Forms is started to look like a good product. There were a couple of questions where I didn’t supply an answer in my quiz. These are now all marked with Needs review. 

In other questions the wrong answers were supplied and in some other cases I got the answer right:

But hey, why didn’t I get a point when I got the answer right? is this because I changed the answer?

Hmm, it looks like points are given when the form is filled in. When answers are adjusted the auto grading seems to not correct scores. That could be a pain! I created another correct answer and this time my responses are scored, however the average score of 1 doesn’t seem to be right!

Time to look at the next option.

Post scores

The Post scores option is a bit unclear when you first  look at it.

So i clicked on Preview of the 3rd set of answers and after I closed the view of the answers there seems to be an additional answer that has popped up. It looks like my 4th answer that I supplied earlier int he post appeared with a bit of a delay.

Anyway, I’ve now got Ungraded and Graded responses. What is that all about?

And then there is a post scores option. What should we do with that. Well after clicking the Post scores, I’m seeing the following:

Other that a flag of posted there doesn’t seem to be much of posting that is going on here. Only by clicking on the ? icon posting became clear.

Posting scores will give respondents access to view feedback and the results of their quiz. Respondents can view their results using the same link that they used to launch the quiz.


I click on Posted for one of these responses.

Again some great options. This is where you can delete the response and even better you can print the response. Print an electronic quiz!? Why would you bother with a printing option in Microsoft Forms?

Now we have one more option that we haven’t explored in this post yet.

Open in Excel

Depending on you browser used and your browser settings you might get one of these Open confirmations:

Once you open the .ashx file in excel you will find the results nicely listed in a spreadsheet.





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