SharePoint 2016 – Copying SharePoint Designer Workflows from one list to another

This time a short post with a quick win if you make a lot of similar workflows on SharePoint lists. I’m by no means a SharePoint Designer workflow expert and often I don’t like SharePoint Designer but today I came across a useful feature.

When you have a workflow you can copy paste your actions. Nothing new about that. Sometimes it even works and sometimes it copies half the action, such as for the Build Dictionary actions. Still nothing new.

But now comes my discovery for today.

I needed to create very similar but slightly different workflows. Both workflows are created as list workflows and I needed to copy about 5 out of 10 actions from one workflow to the other.

By opening two instances of SharePoint Designer 2013 copy past simply copies an action from one workflow to another workflow.

And more interestingly, you can even copy whole stages:


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