SharePoint Online – Edit less, update more

Today, Microsoft announced their new Bulk edit SharePoint metadata feature that will be rolled out to SharePoint Online.

4 easy steps to update multiple items within the modern experience lists. Is it time to drop this ‘modern experience’ yet? Why don’t we just call the old experience traditional experience and assume the modern experience as default.

Step 1 select the items

You will first need to select the items that you want to edit.

Step 2 open the details pane

Then click on the the i-icon to open the details pane

Step 3. Edit

Now edit the properties that you want to edit

Step 4 save

Then finally press the save button and all your items are updated.

Ok, that is all easy!







4 thoughts on “SharePoint Online – Edit less, update more

  1. Be aware that there is a bug in this feature which makes it useless if you have boolean columns in your list. For bulk edit to work properly SP has to detect WHICH columns you are editing – which columns should have their value modified for every item selected. But boolean columns only have 2 values and SP doesn’t recognize the difference between a boolean field which was untouched (and therefore “no”) and a boolean field which was intentionally set to “no” – SO IT ALWAYS SETS ALL BOOLEAN FIELDS TO WHATEVER VALUE IS IN YOUR BULK EDIT FORM – there is no way to leave boolean columns untouched.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks you for your comment. I noticed that the problem too.

      Did you notice that when you create a new Yes/No column through the modern you have to supply a default value. In which case the problems doesn’t exist.

      However when you create a new column through the list settings you don’t have to supply a default value.

  2. I’ve experienced the same issue even when I’ve specified a default value for the boolean column. When batch editing through the details pane, all items will have the boolean column reset to its default value, even if it was previously set to the non-default value.

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